As business owners, the daily grind is real! We are go-getters doing everything we can to make our dreams a reality. Once we get going we take pride in the "I'll figure it out" mentality and in time begin to realize that we spend far too much time trying to master skills we don't have rather than focusing our efforts on what creates the most value for our clients.


You started your business because you were great at something. FXN's Co was founded to complement missing skill sets and help small business owners succeed in an ever-evolving, customer-centric world. Our mission is simple- FXN's Co stands behind small business, and if we can't fulfill your need, we will find a strong-professional who can.


Hope is not a strategy. Having an intentional plan in place to reach your business goals is critical and will also reduce a bit of stress. Practice makes perfect!


Creating compelling content is more than just words on a screen -  it's the imagery, multimedia, and more importantly, the feelings your message will invoke in your reader.


"You're judged by the company that you keep." I'm sure you've heard this old adage before. Your web presence directly impacts how your viewers perceive your brand. Keep the leads where you want them - on your site.


Connect with your customers where they are. Social media is a dynamic, low-cost tool that will increase awareness of your brand leading to positive business results.


Bostonia Solutions

"I have used FXN’s Co for a number of design projects, from websites to event marketing. They take an idea and transforms it into a finished product far exceeding the expectations of our original vision. I always am confident their results will not only be creative but polished and professional, ensuring our company’s objective is presented in the best light. The team has an expansive skill set and I highly recommend their work!"


Riley Grace Boutique

"The Virtual CMO service offered by FXN's Co has been a game changer for my boutique! As we continue to grow and streamline the business it has been incredibly helpful to have Kate in our corner to challenge us and keep the business' best interests top of mind. With a broad skill set I still have been unable to find something that can't be handled by Kate and her team."


Daughter of Missing Person

"I was amazed how Kate quickly put together a very effective, user friendly site to help raise awareness of the disappearance of my mother, Sandra Crispo! It was so beautifully designed but simple enough to navigate through the different tabs. I would highly recommend Kate for any future web design needs."

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